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09:51am 11/03/2012
I thought I would come back and check in again. So much going on. Yet nothing I can write about yet.
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check in  
07:30am 24/01/2012
That I would come back and check in more then half a year later
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11:57am 01/03/2011
Will Rogers
Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there.

I ran myself over in losing weight this last month. I lost none. So today day one of March I'm starting again at a full run.

Reaching for Goals
DPH: 49,000 - was originally 50,000
LD: 2,000 - was originally 2,000
CW: 22 - was originally 32
WL: 22 - was originally 30
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Your own sense of style  
04:46pm 21/10/2010
Funny how things happen in cycles. Up until 7th grade I didn't have glasses I couldn't see far away. I probably needed them before then. Then in my late twenties I got lasic done and suddenly I didn't need glasses/contacts anymore. Suddenly at age 41, and it was sudden I couldn't read ingredient on some boxes, couldn't see the brooch clasp as I tried to pin it on my coat collar. Reading any type of book suddenly became tiring. And so with grace(inside grumping and complaints) I went to the eye doctor and confirmed I needed eye glasses.

Fine glasses to me really shows a person own style. Rarely does one go out and buy glasses with frames that make them look completely silly and retarded (Edna Dame, Carrie Donovan). Yes some people buy into the latest shape trend but they still pick out their own color.

And so without further ado my modern/classic reading glasses.

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Update! My father has been found  
10:25am 23/03/2010
UPDATE! My father has been located and he is ok! He talked to the police who were going to put a plane up in the air and for him to make a fire with a smoke plume. Now they are on their way to get him. Thank you everyone for your prayers and thoughts and well wishes it really does help.
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07:22am 23/03/2010
Update: 1am the search was called off. Had a Tracphone in a blackzone he walked up a home hill to make the call to the police. Hoping he went back to the van and stayed there. Also location he told the police he was 25 miles south or southwest of Ashwood. Police thinks this would have put him about 5 miles from Primeville(?) have to check city names. Mom calling dispatch to see if the search will continue.
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My Father is missing  
05:57am 23/03/2010
Hopefully as dawn comes and there light good news will come too. Last night at 11pm I got a call from my brother. My father is missing. Darwin Siebert. This is in Oregon North of Madras (?) area. He was doing a Census job and his van Maroon color got stuck in the snow. Yes he called the police but was not sure of his exact location. Yes there are three Search and Rescue teams looking for him. My brother thinks his cell phone was dead by 11pm. I will post more as I know more. If you have contacts or friends up in the Redmond, Bend, Madras, Ashwood area stay tuned please and forward this, maybe someone will read this and will pass a maroon van. No calls through the night from my family.

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08:36am 25/11/2009
mood: cheerfulcheerful
tags: joke
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Wake for Stormy  
07:30am 19/09/2009
There will be a modern Irish-style wake for Stormy in L.A. next Saturday, September 26th. It will be happening at the same time as the wake in Austin. Please let me know if you'd like more information and I will forward your contact to the hostess.
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My favorite so far  
12:50pm 02/02/2009
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